Sweden’s most modern production plant is specially adapted to our business and in the 6700 square meters housed offices – modern designed to emphasize the function of steel production. A wide meeting hovering over the entrance and exposes the material we are specialists and dining rooms, dressing rooms and a functional and modern design department directly adjacent to the heart of our business – The production hall.

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The production hall has a set of automated machines that provide new opportunities, while facilitating and streamlines the process of producing advanced steel structures and steel structures. We have created a production based on well-developed technology in our field – steel technology. In Sweden there has been a great need for using more automation to produce more cost-effective steel structures. It’s just that we now have in Kungälv, with lots of experience and expertise accumulated in our modern production.

This type of efficient production has so far not been found in Sweden and our investment means lower price and higher level of quality. Production is carried out in an automated plant where raw beam enters one end of the room and comes out cut, drilled and gasskuren in the other. In another part of the plant is cut plate-size, drilled and labeled. In a third unit drilled, punched and cut details of flat steel. The control of the whole process is digitized and most of the machines are connected via automatic conveyors. Handling time is reduced, spill cost is reduced dramatically and the process is very efficient. For production, a modern MRP system integrated with 3D the utility Tekla Structure, reducing manual handling.

We are building new opportunities – for our customers.