Advanced, high-tech buildings or simpler industrial premises, places different requirements on the structures and constructions.

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Welded or bolted steel frameworks are two different types of joints in constructions. The structures vary depending on many factors and it is important for our customers to know that our deliveries comply with the set needs and requirements. Furthermore, structural elements are often built-in or encased in concrete, placing greater demands on documentation.

We are now able to offer those customers who build steel frameworks for the construction industry finished prefabricated steel deliveries. This gives smaller steel companies the opportunity to take on full projects or parts of them. It is also possible to purchase processed material by the piece. We deliver free to the site and naturally, everything is documented and ready.

It is particularly important in construction projects that communication between us and our customers functions quickly and effectively to be able to meet any changes during the course of the build. This is built on experience.