Bridge structures often extend over slopes and watercourses, at the same time as they create stylish elements in our environment. However, bridges are also advanced constructions that have to function for up to a hundred years.

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 New bridges are designed and manufactured according to applicable regulations and all our bridges are produced with full traceability backwards and with complete documentation for the material. Replacing existing railway bridges is an increasingly common commission, as old bridges throughout the country are no longer complying with requirements. Old bridges are being replaced by new ones, frequently using advanced assembling techniques, heavy lifts and launching. Bridge replacements require careful planning as there is usually only a few days available for the job. Coordination with contractors involved is consequently of the utmost importance, as there are numerous different parts and functions that go to make up a functioning and safe bridge.

All our bridge projects comply with the applicable bridge standard, Bro 2004, and are approved according to the National Rail Administration and the National Road Administration’s quality requirements and SBS Nordcert’s requirements for heightened performance level D.

Lecor undertakes both turnkey and general contracts – and does it well.