• Railway Bridge Motala
  • Railway Bridge Motala

Railway Bridge Motala

  • Type: Turning bridge
  • Year: 2011
  • Weight: 200 tons

Two bridges over the Göta Canal and Motala Ström were demolished and a new bridge was built. This is a bridge consisting of two parts, one part in concrete over the Motala Ström and Lecor built the steel bridge part over Göta Canal. This bridge part over the Göta Canal is built with two spans, which also spans over the road Verkstadsvägen.
It is an opening swing bridge with a swing center controlled by a 400 millimeter hydraulic cylinder that lift the bridge up. Electric engines drives a ring gear that turns the bridge 80 degrees. We also supplied hydraulics, mechanical, electrical and control engineering. The bridge length is 36 meters and it´s width is 12.5 meters.