Steel Builders Prize 2013

Institute of Steel Construction every other year issues the Steel Construction Prize to a building where an innovative and architecturally appealing steel construction is exploited. The purpose is to encourage the use of steel in construction and arise new ideas and inspiring solutions.

Lecor was awarded the Steel Construction Institute’s Grand Prize for the work on the Tullhus Bridge in Norrköping.Tullhusbron_kvall

For the winning entry, the jury selected the project that best met the Prize criteria through:

• Its consistent use of steel for both functional and architectural expression

• The steel effect for both the picture and the details

• Choice of technical solution to enhance the material’s elasticity and strength

The jury’s motivation:
“In a single slim form soars the Tullhus Bridge from the quayside in the north to the lush Strömsholmen in the south. All through steel in both the expression and in the design, format with a sure hand, where architecture and design interact with uniqueness. It is a showcase of a difficult art. Every measure, every angle, every meeting between the two plates is far exaggerated in its simplification and accentuate the entire shape elegance, which is impressive in a municipal construction.

It also hides the simple ingenuity. The challenging thinness in the visible leap of over 60 feet is possible with the short side buckets hidden in the abutments where the unusual air heating system also has its place.
The Tullhus Bridge seems so obvious.”

Tennce Carlsson, CEO –

“This award is very inspiring and strengthens us in our continued work. The Tullhus bridge is a very beautiful bridge, constructed of steel with all good qualities. We are very proud to have helped create this elegant edifice in central Norrköping,” said Tennce Carlsson, President of Lecor Steel Technology.

Previous Winner of the Steel Builders Award has been

2003 Apatébron, Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm
2005 Mjärdevi Center, Linköping
2007 Svävande Taket, Vällingbyvägen, Stockholm
2009 Swedbank Stadium, Malmö
2011 Disc Filter Building at Rya, Gothenburg